1. I have read and understood the Data Privacy Manual of Abojeb Company, Inc.

2. I have been informed of the following:
a. The integrity of the Company as a Personal Information Controller that will be given access to my personal data in order to fulfill legitimate transactions involving the collection, processing, and retention of personal data;
b. The contact details of the Data Protection Officer of the Company
c. The purpose of data sharing;
d. The categories of personal data concerned
e. The intended recipients of categories of recipients of the personal data;
f. The existence of my rights, including the right to access ad correction, and the right to object; and
g. Other information that would sufficiently notify me of the nature and extent of the manner of processing and sharing of my personal data.

3. I have voluntarily provided my personal data including but not limited to the personal data shared in one or more of the following entities
a. Principal
b. Other documents for the purpose of processing my application for employment, fulfilling the terms and conditions of my Employment Contract, and or communication with me for possible employment in the future.

4. I agree and consent the Company may collect, use, process, and/or retain my personal data within the period of the processing of my application for employment and/ or my Employment Contract unless it was requested to be deleted.

5. I agree and consent that the Company may disclose and/or transfer my personal data to its Agent/s and/or Service Provider/s within the duration of the processing of my application for employment and/or my Employment Contract, as may be required to fulfill the purpose of the legitimate transaction.